The Camels


If you don’t know why we are holding up three fingers it means peace and victory. Luke and mums camel didn’t want to move it was stubborn but mine was the best behaved.


New Blog

Hello. I just wanted to let you know that my friends and I have made a blog together! It’s where we solve Myths and Legends and our blog name is Mystery Hunters NZ the link will be down below.


Hong Kong Day One

As we walked out of the airport it was filled with taxis and it was so hot you could barely breath.

The taxis were so small and the boot of the car was so small it couldn’t close the door, so they tide the door shut but it was still open, and I was ready to hear a thunk at the back.

As soon as we walked into our room it was terrible and it looked so fancy down stairs but in the room it was small and terrible.

Germany Day Thirteen

This day we went onto the hop on hop off bus and we went round the town and learnt about what the buildings were.

We stopped at the car and motorbike museum which I thought was the most boring thing I had ever done.

But we pretended to ride motorbikes and drive cars but mostly motorbikes.

Germany Day Twelve

We loaded our bags into the car because we were going to Munich. We said goodbye and then we left.

When we got to Munich we walked around and we found a reallly nice place to eat and the waiters and waitresses were dressed up like Hänsel and Gretel.

For dinner I had Schnitzel and coke and it was really good after that we walked back to the train station but we tried some home made chips and they were so good.

Germany Day Eleven

3F803651-BB66-4CBB-855F-8F7A26644709.jpegAs we crossed the border into France we arrived in Strasbourg and we took a boat along the harbour and it told us what the buildings were and all that.

Once we finished the boat ride we went to this church that was bombed in one of the wars.

For lunch I got a chocolate croissant and a lemon Fanta. After lunch we went on a two story merry go round I was up the top and Luke was beside me on a horse.

Later on we took Magdalene to the train station. We said goodbye and went home.