The Camels


If you don’t know why we are holding up three fingers it means peace and victory. Luke and mums camel didn’t want to move it was stubborn but mine was the best behaved.


Dubai Day Two

To start the day off we went to the beach because it was 40 degrees! I walked into the water and it was not hot or cold it was lightly heated by the sun so for the short answer it was warm.

A little while later we saw people riding camels along the beach. 1 hour later we had to go back to the hotel so we could get ready to go on the safari ( spoiler alert! We rode on camels and saw gazelles!) in my opinion all I really wanted to do was ride the camels.

Once we were ready we went down to the G level and wait on the seats next to the door but we had got the time wrong and we were waiting for 1 hour! Finally our driver came and we got in a mini bus with 4 other people so there were 8 of us.

when we got to the safari we got given water bottles that we had to fill up with water and we went to the bathroom because it would take us a few hours to get to the camp. When we were all ready we got in the white jeep and we drove into the desert but the wind was so hot and I wished it was cold.

Half way through the desert we saw gazelles and here is a Fun Fact About gazelles if they want to be the leader the fight each other until one of them wins. Later on we stopped at a tree but it wasn’t any normal tree it was POISONOUS!

We got to the first camp and got some sparkling date juice and sat down and watched the sun go down but first we learnt things about falcons and then we all made a line so we could have the falcon on our arm. When I got to hold the falcon she was heavy and still.

Time to ride the camels! We had to line up and wait our turn when it was mum and I went together and Luke and dad went together when mum and I were on the camel it stood up back legs first and I was about to fall forward but then the front legs stood up and I didn’t fall. The camel was very wobbly well that’s what I thought.

Dubai Day One

We got off the plane at about 5:00 in the morning and it was 27 degrees outside! As we made our way through the airport  we had to take a 2 minute train to get to the baggage claim.

As we drove to the hotel we saw buildings that were more than 20 stories high! ( Our hotel was 50 stories high and we were on the 45th floor!) Lots of the buildings were made off glass and clay, dad said it looked roman.

When we were driving to the hotel we saw the Burj Khalifa on our way and it was so big and tall and you could barely see the top of it!

When we arrived at the hotel five minutes later we found out that we were taken to the wrong place!

Once we unpacked and were ready to took a cab and went to Gold Souk and after we went to the market but first I will tell you about Gold Souk. As we walked into Gold Souk we saw lots of jewellery shops with lots of gold things like bangles, necklaces, earrings and lots more.

Then we walked over to the market and lots of people were walking around looking at different things, and everyone that was trying to sell things started asking us if we want to look and they tried putting some of their stuff on us and to be honest I thought it was a bit scary.


On The Plane

When the plane was going to land the air hostess asked me and my brother Luke if we wanted to hand out the candy I did the first half and Luke did the second. In the end we got more candy than we usually did I got 1 lollipop and 2 mints.

The big trip

So my big trip is coming up and I am going to, Dubai first, then France, next Germany I will spend a week or so there and last but not least Hong Kong.

I am so excited for it and I will try and post as much as possible, so come back here everyday to see a new post. Don’t forget to follow me so you can get a notification saying that I have posted something thankyou.